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Probably the biggest surprise yesterday, Square Enix revealed that a new Nier project was in development with Platinum Games being the chosen developer, and of course Yoko Taro being its director. In a recent interview with Famitsu with Yoko Taro he had this to say:

PS4 NieR New Project (working title)
From a Famitsu interview with Taro Yoko (director of NieR).

Will the world be tied together with that of the previous game?
Yoko: Although the previous game set the stage for any connections, the story will not be connected. Since the previous game’s story is a future one, you’ll be fine starting off playing this game. Better still, people who have played the previous game should think of this one a sequel, and will be bewildered by it when they play it.

Will the characters from the previous game be in this one?
Yoko: At this time, not everyone will be in. This does not include the main characters, however. (Translator’s note: This implies they will be in this installment, too.)

How about the CERO rating?
Yoko: The last one, we were aiming for a B or C, but ended up with a D. But we have wanted to make an A-rated game before…

Other notes after the jump:
The center of the game is weapons-based action. Will there be shooting like this as well?

There are exploration components. These seem quite different from the first game.

They plan to include weapon stories, similar to Drakengard.

Development completion is at 10%.

It seems it will be awhile before we get our hands on it, but it will certainly be worth the wait.


Thank you, Will Whitehurst for the translation.

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