Xbox One | Backwards Compatible

Microsoft revealed some details for the upcoming Xbox One backwards compatibility update during one of their demonstrations at E3. Xbox One owners will be to play Xbox 360 games online with anyone who plays their games on a Xbox 360 console. This is good news for those who want to play against their friends online who have yet to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest console. The Xbox One controller will be programmed to not only bring up the home menu, but, by pressing the view and menu buttons, the Xbox 360 menu will be displayed. Inserting an Xbox 360 disc will trigger a download. According to Microsoft, the game has to be downloaded because the software itself will run on emulation and not by the physical hardware itself. Hopefully, you are not planning to use your old Xbox 360 accessories, Microsoft has confirmed Xbox 360 accessories will not work with the Xbox One.

There is one important catch. Microsoft revealed publishers will have to give permission for Xbox 360 titles to work on Xbox One consoles. There are plenty of 360 games that will be compatible with the Xbox One later this year, but this catch could prevent some titles from working properly or even work at all.

What are your reactions to Microsoft’s Xbox One backwards compatibility details? Do you plan to play your Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One?

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