Fatal Frame V - Featured Image
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - GamePad

The highly anticipated Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was a no-show at Nintendo’s latest E3 Digital Event. Yet, Nintendo quietly uploaded a trailer for the fifth major Fatal Frame installment shortly after the conference. And boy, this one’s a doozy. The debut Western trailer for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water shows off a glimpse of the game’s story, as well as the innovative GamePad control scheme. Players use the controller as the Camera Obscura, moving the GamePad around to kill ghosts. And, in true Fatal Frame fashion, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water has plenty of scares to go around. This is, indeed, a game that Wii U owners have been waiting for.

In addition, Nintendo gave a release window for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. Fans of the series will not have to wait too long for this one, as Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will be releasing in the West sometime this fall. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below. Be warned, however: it lives up to its series’ scary reputation.

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Will Whitehurst
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