Horizon: Zero Dawn | Main Character
Horizon Zero Dawn’s female protagonist

Sony and Guerilla officially announced Horizon: Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 4. The game is part of a brand new IP and is being developed by Guerilla. During the conference presentation, they showed off a trailer and some gameplay footage through a quick demo. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where machines rule over nature and humans. Several tribes are constantly fighting for their survival and must band together to survive in this world. The game looks to be an open-world game where players must hunt down robotic creatures. The main character uses her bow and other handy equipment to take down enemies. As she was hunting down the creatures, we got to hear her thoughts on the current situation. The graphics look beautiful with both colorful natural environments and dark metallic environments. It creates a nice contrast. There is currently no release date slated at this time.

Horizon: Zero Dawn | Environments
A look at some of the environments in the game

Are you excited for Sony’s newest IP? What are your thoughts on the game and the demo? Share us your thoughts and reactions to Guerilla’s latest project for the PlayStation 4.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available for pre-order on Amazon:

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