Toy Soldiers: War Chest
Time to bring out your toys.

The toys are back in town. Toy Soldiers, the popular action strategy franchise from Signal Studios is getting released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We’ve known that since last year. But the surprise is the classic toys that will be joining the armies in the battlefield.

Characters from He-Man and G.I. Joe show up in the latest trailer for the game and will be included in the $29.99 Hall of Fame Edition of the game, alongside two other, unannounced toy armies. You can also buy each army á la carte for $4.99 and then the base game with four starter armies costs $14.99.

Check out the trailer below and give a shout out to Greyskull in the comments if you are planning on waging miniature wars when the game launches.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition is available for pre-order on Amazon:

Daniel Velázquez
Daniel fell in love with video games during the mid-eighties when The Legend of Zelda came into his life. Since then, gaming has been his constant. Now a bit older and somewhat wiser, he teaches psychology and studies the benefits of gaming in the digital and cardboard world.