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Castle Crashers Remastered Back Off Barbarian

The Behemoth, the development team behind Alien Hominid, announced today that their Xbox 360 side-scrolling beat-’em-up Castle Crashers is coming to Xbox One and Steam as Castle Crashers: Remastered. The Behemoth took to their website and made an announcement of the Beefy remaster on a news post, sourced below. The Xbox One release is tentatively scheduled for this summer, while development on the Steam release is set to start later this year according to The Behemoth’s announcement post. Castle Crashers was one of the most popular and successful games on Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade platform; it’s nice to see the game remembered fondly in the form of a remaster, and hopefully more gamers will be able to taste the Castle Crashers experience.

Castle Crashers: Remastered will receive an assortment of gameplay enhancements, including a 5x increase in texture sizes, no framerate cap (and the ability to run at 60 fps,) enhancements to online multiplayer and the base gameplay experience (the specifics of which are to be announced later,) and a new minigame exclusive to Remastered: Back Off Barbarian.

Pictured at the top, the minigame involves pressing directional inputs to maneuver your character around a grid, avoiding enemies and obstacles as you traverse the map. Over time, more enemies will populate the grid, and the movement inputs don’t necessarily correspond to the direction they’re mapped for. For example, pressing the upmost movement button may move you in a different direction than you may be accustomed to. Back Off Barbarian can be played both offline and online with up to four players.

Check out the trailer below!


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