E3 2015: A Cat Riding A Unicorn In New Trials Fusion DLC

Cat Riding A Unicorn


Do I even have to try to justify the title? The wacky racing-filled Trials Fusion now lets you download new DLC. It involves a cat riding a unicorn. You can buy a DLC pack known as The Awesome Level Max that includes 30 all new tracks, plus 10 Supercross tracks, 30 unexpected and various challenges to complete, unicorn bike & cat rider, 5 new garage items and more than 130 fresh new Editor objects. Did we also mention a cat riding a unicorn. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC July 14th. You can also buy an Awesome Level Max Edition with all of this DLC already in Trials Fusion when you purchase it. You can look at the trailer below. Be warned though. There is indeed a cat riding a unicorn.

This comes off the heels of Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference. Our host Aisha Tyler had a lot of fun with this concept…too much fun. Enjoy your cat riding a unicorn from here at oprainfall.

Lois Polite
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