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Today is a bittersweet day for me. While on the one hand I am ecstatic that Smash has updated with 3 new Brawlers, two completely new stages and a bunch of great new Mii Fighter costumes, I was hoping for one more thing. Yes, I had hoped against hope that today’s update would also unveil a playable Tourney Mode that has long been promised for Smash.

Luckily, Sakurai wasn’t entirely silent on that point, and had a few details to share. For one thing, there are going to be two different types of Tourneys in Smash. First up are Community tourneys where you compete for points in a limited amount of time, no doubt the more competitive and heated of the two. Next are Regular tourneys where you have single elimination in unlimited time frames, just like in the past.

I am very excited to play both types of tourneys, since they will do nothing but exponentially add replay value to an already fantastic fighting game. Unfortunately, we have a bit more to wait. Though development of both tournament types has been finished, Sakurai and co. want to test the online features thoroughly before they release it. Currently they are slated to release Tourney Mode for Wii U in August, and I hope that date stays firm. I am chomping at the bit for this mode, and think it will be a blast.

Are you excited for Tourney Mode? Could you care less? Are you busy HADOKENing you foes? Hoping Tourney Mode will be playable at PAX Prime? Chime in below!

Josh Speer
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