Metal Gear Rising 2 E3 News
Konami is not planning to announce Metal Gear Rising 2 at E3 this year

Fans of Metal Gear Rising will be disappointed to learn Konami has no plans to announce Metal Gear Rising 2 at E3. Konami’s senior producer, Ken-ichiro Imazumi, officially confirmed the game’s absence through Twitter.

This caused some confusion as followers were unsure if the game was officially cancelled or if it was just not going to be present. Imazumi sent out another tweet to clarify the confusion.

With the game’s absence from E3, we will have to wait until later to find out from Konami when we can expect to hear any announcements or news related to the game. Perhaps Konami wanted Metal Gear Solid V to be the main focus this year and not have other games in the franchise detract from it.

Are any of you disappointed to hear the absence of Metal Gear Rising 2? Share your thoughts below.

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