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oprainfall Plays – P4G – Episode 9

persona 4 golden
The Everyday Highschool life of Steve “Guy-who-sits-in-corner” and his friends


Hajememashite! (Hello!) Welcome to another episode of oprainfall Plays: Persona 4 Golden, one of the most highly acclaimed RPGs for the PlayStation Vita. Follow along as a newcomer to the Persona franchise tackles a blind run of this massive, and often times difficult game.

Our hero, Steve “Guy-who-sits-in-corner,” just moved from the big city to the rural town of Inaba. In doing so he finds he’s gained a little sister, some new and rather interesting friends, and oh yeah, he’s become involved with murders that are occurring in the area and are somehow connected to another world that resides inside of the TV. You know, normal high school stuff!

It’s Persona 4 Golden, told in that special oprainfall style!


Episode 9: The Dominatrix in Us All

We head to Junes to meet up with Chie and Yosuke as we prepare to head into the TV world in hopes of finding Yukiko. Once inside we arrive at Castle Yukiko and the party begins pondering what exactly her motive is. Chie decides there’s no time to waste and charges straight in. We follow her and begin brawling with everything is sight hoping that we can catch Chie before anything bad happens.

However upon reaching the second floor we find Chie who after hearing some of Yukiko’s subconscious thoughts loses control of her suppressed self which becomes…. A dominatrix sitting upon a tower of girls (not guys as I originally thought). After the fight (and picking my jaw off the ground) we decide to retreat for the day, Chie needing some rest after the ordeal and the party needing some healing.

Once home Dojima confronts us about the incident earlier in the day. Nyanako picks up on the tension and tells us both to not fight. After apologizing we decided to head to bed and call it day… After Nyanako asks if the weather forecaster is the one who actually sets the weather for the next day.



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