Devil's Third

Excited for the Wii U exclusive Devil’s Third? Well, then you may want to take a look at the new Japanese trailer posted on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. While most of it is simply the game’s director, Tomonobu Itagaki talking about the game in Japanese, it does show some of the game’s stylishly brutal action. Take a look:

We see a few glimpses of the fast-paced combat (the Vanquish­­-style high speed slide looks like an interesting take on combat), and the brutal melee-takedowns. We also get a quick look at the multiplayer. It looks like all the interesting combat mechanics added to the third-person shooting moves will remain fully intact in the multiplayer. It looks like you’ll have a lot more options even when trying to escape a firefight. Plus it looks like one wrong move can kill you. I wonder if that will turn off a more casual shooter fan.

Devil’s Third currently has the nebulous release date of 2015.


Guy Rainey
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