Little Battlers eXperience
Custom Robots? Sign me up!

As we mentioned in our recap of the surprise Nintendo Direct Micro from this morning, a new game in the Little Battlers eXperience franchise is coming soon for Nintendo 3DS. For the uninitiated, LBX is what developer Level-5 calls a transmedia franchise. This means you can, ahem, experience LBX in games, anime, manga and movies.

So, what’s it about? Well, it’s set around the year 2050, where technology has advanced so far that we have super strong cardboard available to make little destructive robots wage wars for competition inside these specially designed battlefields that are near indestructible. Of course, an evil corporation threatens to take over the world, whereas our hero Van Yamano must step up and save it. Taking a cue from the Pokémon franchise, you can collect a wide assortment of robots and also mix and match parts as well as individually level up said parts for very distinct combat possibilities. An anime for the franchise is already airing in the West with the second season scheduled to start airing on Nicktoons later this year.

LBX: Little Battlers eXperience

LBX is the first game in the series to hit America, but there have been a number of games and ports across the PlayStation Portable, Vita and 3DS. If all this seems interesting to you, the game will come out on August 21st stateside, featuring 6-player local battles, 130 customizable robots and over 4000 individual parts to upgrade. Let us know in the comments if you are planning on taking your battlers to the… em… battlefield when the game launches in a couple months.

Daniel Velázquez
Daniel fell in love with video games during the mid-eighties when The Legend of Zelda came into his life. Since then, gaming has been his constant. Now a bit older and somewhat wiser, he teaches psychology and studies the benefits of gaming in the digital and cardboard world.