Japan seems to be responding well to Nintendo’s new squid-based shooter.

Splatoon is now available for the Wii U, and gamers around the globe are currently inking it up as kids, while keeping themselves clean as squids.  Unfortunately for players in Japan, however, the game may be difficult to find at retail currently.  Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account officially tweeted out that its Splatoon stock, both the game and the accompanying amiibo, are selling out at retailers.  Fortunately, Nintendo plans on replenishing stock in the coming week.  They also apologized for the situation and advised picking up a digital version of the game if Japanese gamers want to get their ink on as soon as possible.  A translation of the tweet, provided by oprainfall’s Will Whitehurst, is provided below:


“At retailers, Splatoon has been selling out, and we humbly apologize for the trouble this has caused. Next week, we will be replenishing stock, but customers who want the game more quickly should please consider the downloadable version as an alternative. Additionally, we are currently replenishing stock of Splatoon amiibo, which are also selling out. If you could please give us a little more time, we humbly ask for your understanding.”


Andrew Mathieu
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