Sony Lineup - Andrew House | oprainfall

I can’t speak for others, but I don’t have a PS4, partially because of the price, partially because I have a stack of PS3 and 3DS games to get through before I can justify a shiny new console, but mostly because I’ve only seen a couple games on the console that I’m interested in.

Well, it seems like Sony doesn’t completely disagree with me. Sony Computer Entertainment President and global CEO, Andrew House, has admitted that “Our first party lineup has been a little sparse this year,” which was followed by a statement that they hope to emphasize on third-party support even more. House also seems to have a dim view of the Vita, citing it as a ‘legacy console’ alongside the PS3.

House’s speech on the whole was positive, citing the sales of the PS4, as well as the growth of PS4 membership, calling 2015 ‘the beginning of a Harvest period.’


Jerry Hrechka
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