adventures of pip - skeleton queen

It’s a great day to be a game journalist, cause I can finally share with our lovely audience that Adventures of Pip, the Kickstarted retro revitalization by Tic Toc Games, has its release dates set in stone! I’m a huge fan of Pip, having played it at PAX Prime previously, and though I was disappointed by the initial May release date being pushed back, I’m glad we don’t have to wait too long. Those of you looking to play Adventures of Pip on Steam will be able to play it starting June 4th, while Wii U fans will be able to get retro on their Gamepads starting June 11th.

Adventures of Pip

For those of you hiding under a rock, Adventures of Pip has you play the titular hero as he fights to save the princess from the villainous Skeleton Queen. Though he starts out as a mere 8 bit cube, Pip can absorb pixels to morph into 16 and 32 bit versions, all armed with different abilities to help save the day. Tic Toc looks to have made a gorgeous and glorious return to form with the game, and they say there is at least 10 hours of epic adventuring to be had, accompanied by a soundtrack crafted by Jake “Virt” Kaufman.

adventures of pip - villager

I myself have been highly anticipating the final release of Adventures of Pip for quite some time, and look forward to finally getting my hands on it. For those of you who didn’t back the project, take a gander at this trailer and consider buying the game yourself. If you’re a fan of old school gaming, you won’t be sorry!

Josh Speer
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