The Legend of Arslan Warriors (Arslan Senki x Musou), Koei Tecmo’s newest Warriors-style game, has received an online preview on Famitsu’s website. The plot of the game is as follows:

Halfway across the land route that connects East to West is the powerful nation of Pars, its royal city Ectabana. People from all parts of the world gather here, bringing with them commodities and a wealth of culture. Arslan was born as the crown prince of this country and was expected to take over the crown peacefully. But one day, on a field in the midst of a dust cloud, Pars’ revered cavalry was consigned to oblivion.

With its eyes set on Pars’ rich territory, the pagan nation of Lusitania began its invasion. In his first real battle, Prince Arslan “the fainthearted” could not hide his insecurity. As if to legitimize his fears, a turbulent air swirls over the battlefield. When, tricked by their enemy, the army of Pars faces their greatest threat yet, Arslan’s father King Andragoras III takes flak for the chaotic state of the war.

The “Warrior of the Warrior,” a knight named Daryun comes running and together with Arslan they fight against enemy after enemy as well as their cruel fate. As the storm of fate rages, the crown prince, trusted comrades at his side, takes his first step forward.


The Legend of Arslan Warriors will be released in Japan this fall for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Adam Reese
I have played video games since I was two years old, ever since I could hold an NES Zapper against my TV screen and shoot those darn ducks. Most of my young life, I was without a source of income. Now, I make up for it with buying and playing a lot of games.