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Shouzou Kaga, the creator of such games as the Fire Emblem series and Tear Ring Saga, announced on his blog that he has gotten in touch with the creator of SRPG Studio, which is to SRPG as RPG Maker is to RPGs. This was to express both his support for the freeware and his intentions in creating a game with it.

With limited time and resources at his disposal, he won’t be able to provide a release date, but has stated that, instead of being crowdfunded, the game instead will be a partnership with SRPG Studio. However, he will accept contributions from fans in the form of the development of resources, as long as the following conditions are met. From the translation from the Serenes Forest forum post, the contribution:

1. May be modified by Kaga to fit his game’s stylistic sense.
2. Will belong to Sapphire Soft by right; everything else still belongs to the author.
3. Conform with Sapphire Soft’s terms and conditions.
4. Be allowed for use in the production of sequels.
5. Absolutely must not infringe somebody else’s copyrights (eg. taken from another game).

Users may email Kaga with their resources along with their conditions. If accepted, Kaga will respond. Those accepted will receive special thanks in the finished game’s credits roll.

We look forward to seeing what the father of Fire Emblem can produce.

Adam Reese
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