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The widely-beloved Star Wars classic flight simulator games from the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series are now available on Steam, with a 10% launch discount for each title.  X-Wing Special Edition includes the main story campaign, as well as the Tour of Duty expansions from the 1993 DOS and 1998 Windows versions of the game. TIE Fighter Special Edition includes the story campaign, as well as the Defender of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire expansions. X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter includes the Balance of Power multiplayer campaign. X-Wing Alliance is the only title of the series without any additional content, since it didn’t have any to begin with. I recommend playing these titles with a flight simulator joystick because you’re going to have a rough time if you try them with just your keyboard and mouse. Pricing for these games are as follows, and the discount will last until May 7:

Title Sale Price Regular Price
X-Wing Special Edition 8.99 9.99
TIE Fighter Special Edition 8.99 9.99
X-Wing Alliance 8.99 9.99
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter 8.99 9.99

Additionally, many other existing Star Wars titles have been heavily discounted in celebration of “May the 4th be with you”, or Star Wars Day. You can find the full list of discounted games at the link below.


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