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It’s great to see Nintendo embracing niche gaming, particularly Xenoblade. The success of the first game seems to have made Nintendo comfortable not only discussing the game but fully promoting it.

So, it is with great anticipation that we take a closer look at Xenoblade Chronicles X. Here’s what you can expect when the game releases.

Note: Some of the information is similar to what has already been reported. However, some changes have been made during localization, such as a change in the name of the mechs from Dolls, as they’re known in Japan.

We start with a look at the plot. Earth has been destroyed in a war between alien races. Aboard a number of large ships, humanity makes its way across the stars while trying to avoid aliens. Only the White Whale survives the onslaught. Finding a new home on the planet Mira, humanity awakens and starts again.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

The main city in this game in New Los Angeles, which is modeled similar to the current Californian city. The game will feature 5 continents that you can travel to and traverse: Primordia, Noctilum, Oblivia, Sylvalum, and Cauldros. Along your travels, you’ll come across pods called Lifeholds that contain refugees that you’ll need to free.

The map system was shown off. This system features probes you launch in a certain area, which can be placed in hexagonal parts of the map. These sections will then show you what main enemy resides, quests, and other things based on the icon in that section. Probes can also get you miranium (spelling might not be accurate), which will be needed for fuel.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Tatsu

The aliens and creatures you run into were talked about. For creatures, they seem to act similar to the first game where high level monsters that can kill you quickly will be roaming around even from very early on in the game. For aliens, the Nopon of course will be there, but you will also meet other races as well. The Manon will be a race that creates advanced technology, while the Prone will look to destroy you.

If you ever get lost on a quest, you can launch a Nav Ball to help you. These take off quickly but can be launched at any time. You can also check out the entire area by looking at the land from an overhead angle with the Hopper Cam.

Xenoblade Chronicles X
The Dolls have a new name for the West.

Finally, we get a look a quick look at the Skells. These are the giant machines that were teased from the very beginning. You can use these to travel quicker as well as reach caves and higher places you couldn’t get to before. Miranium will be needed to use your Skell.

Following this, members of the Nintendo Treehouse showed up to show off the game a bit more. It should be noted that the version played on the stream was in Japanese. Localization is still in progress.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Primordial 4

Up first, they showed off Primordia with combat against monsters and the Prone featured. For those familiar with Xenoblade Chronicles — whether on 3DS or Wii — you’ll be familiar with the auto-attacks as well as the Arts that you select to perform special attacks. A special double attack was shown for your Arts. What happens is that a green ring will form around the Art, which will allow for an Art attack at double strength. However, the Art will then need double the time to cool off before you can use it again.

The treasure system was shown off as well. Unlike in the previous game, you’ll need to build up certain skills in order to open chests, such as your mechanical skill.

Following the fighting on Primordia, we look at Noctilum and a demonstration of probes. These can not only be used to show off what will be featured in that area, but can be used as respawn points and warp areas. They also showed off a Lifehold, which was on fire when they came up to it.

For the final demonstration, they show off the first Skell you get in the game. This particular one is a lightweight mech. You can’t fly right away, but you can earn that when you have the technology researched in the game. And you can also transform into a number of forms, as shown early on in the development of the game. Arts for combat in your Skell are similar but are based on what your Skell equipment is. Also, party members will receive a 20% defense bonus when you’re in your Skell. An up-close third person Pilot Mode was showcased as well as the Skell Garage

And that’s it. Are you excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X when it releases later this year? Are you disappointed that more information wasn’t revealed? Let us know in the comment below.

More information and images will come as we get to them. If you wish to watch the short 8 minute video at the beginning of the showcase, you can watch it below.

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