Gaijinworks Mystery PSP Game - Teaser Image

Video game publishing company Gaijinworks is teasing the announcement of a PSP game they are publishing for English-speaking audiences. Gaijinworks’ official website was recently updated showing the above image and the promise of English promotional media this week. Considering that the last PSP game released for North America was also published by Gaijinworks (Class of Heroes 2G) it should go without saying that this is a notable occurrence–though it’s worth noting that XSEED is expected to release Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter for PSP this year–especially if this game receives a physical release, which Class of Heroes 2G did receive.

Gaijinworks is headed by Victor Ireland, formerly head of another localization company named Working Designs. Working Designs was known for, among other things, publishing GameArts’ Lunar and Sony’s Arc the Lad series of games. With the establishing of Gaijinworks, the company has maintained an ethos centered around the publishing of Japanese titles.

This is an announcement that has been anticipated for quite some time. Since the end of 2013, Ireland had sporadically taken to dropping hints about the game in a Gaijinworks forum thread, including the fact that the IP belonged to neither Konami nor Sony. On a recent post made to the company’s Twitter account, the suggestion was made that the above teaser image is the “biggest clue yet.” What could it be? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the dot and the question mark are different colors.


Paul Kainoa Vigil
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