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NIS America announced today via press release some DLC for the upcoming dungeon crawler RPG Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, which will be releasing in North America on June 9th, and in Europe on June 5th.

The first two bits of DLC that were announced are the Dark Hero Portraits and the Swim Team Xth Squad Portraits. Each of these provides you with a way to change your character’s appearance and comes with three color variations.

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy DLC
When facing death, one must always look their best.

The Dark Hero Portrait pack will be free from launch until July 9th in North America and then run you $0.99, while in Europe is will be available for free until July 5th and then cost you €0.99. The Swim Team Xth Squad Portrait pack will cost $0.99 and will be available in North America on June 9th, while in Europe it will be available on June 5th and cost €0.99.

The last bit of DLC announced will be some items that will assist you as you explore the Abyss. The Bonus Content pack will contain three “Power Recorders”, which will allow you to save anywhere inside the Abyss, and “Hachi’s Workout Pack” which will raise all enemy levels by 5. The Bonus Content DLC pack will be available in North America free from launch until July 9th where the price will go up to $0.99, and will be free in Europe until July 5th where it will increase to €0.99.

Finally NIS America also released a new trailer called Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy – Xth Initiation. The trailer serves as a bit of an introduction as to the purpose of the Xth squad and the mission they undertake. Please take a look at it below.

If you’re looking for more information on Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy then take look at our previous write up of the release date announcement, which includes more screenshots and the first trailer.

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