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Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a rhythm game that takes after the events of Persona 4. In the game, people that watch a mysterious video on a strange website after midnight are kidnapped and taken to a place called the Midnight Stage. It’s up to the Investigative Team to save them and put an end to the abductions. In most series, a spin-off of this type would seem rather unconventional, but, in the world of Persona, anything goes and it all makes perfect sense.

But it may not make sense to Persona fans that haven’t tried a rhythm game before. Well, fear not, intrepid investigators. ATLUS understands your concerns and they want to help you overcome your two left feet so you can get down on the Midnight Stage and beat the devils at their own game. Persona 4’s own Teddie gives you the basics of rhythm game mechanics in a pair of tutorials in order to prepare you for the coming struggle:

It looks like Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be fairly standard as rhythm games go in terms of mechanics. Timed button presses and holding buttons and releasing at the right time are all staples of the genre. It appears that, at its most basic level, this game looks to adhere to the familiar. But any opportunity to revisit the series’ wonderful world and interesting characters is a welcome one, and ATLUS has always delivered on what makes Persona so important to its legions of fans.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is scheduled for release on the Sony PS Vita on June 25, 2015. The game is slated to come west, but a release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.


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