One-Punch Man - ONE

The popular manga One-Punch Man is getting a full-fledged anime adaptation, according to Shueisha‘s Young Jump magazine. Things like cast details and staff will be revealed in a promotional video at the Bandai Visual booth at Anime Japan 2015 event on March 21 and 22.

One-Punch Man - Yuusuke Murata

If you haven’t heard of One-Punch Man, it’s about a man who has trained his body to such an enormous level that he can annihilate any enemy in one punch. It’s almost a satire of the overly drawn out back and forth battles commonly seen in Japanese manga. It started as a web manga by a creator known only by his pseudonym ONE. This series was adapted into a traditional manga by Yuusuke Murata, of Eyeshield 21. It is Murata’s series that is being adapted, though ONE is attending production meetings.

I’ve been following One-Punch Man for a while now, and I’ve really liked the series’ willingness to poke fun at manga and anime conventions. I’ll be following news on this anime with great interest. Anyone else as interested as I am?


Guy Rainey
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