Xenoblade Chronicles X Character Custom voices

The official Xenoblade chronicles X website updated with voice samples today, the problem being, they are in Japanese. Well gameFAQS user Gessenkou, whom is well known in the community for his translation for this game, has roughly translated the voices. You can check out the voice samples here on the official website.

The samples seem to be the same kind of party banter that the first Xenoblade had, confirming that your customized character will have a voice, at least in battle. Interestingly enough, the actors that played Shulk, Reyn, and Melia in the Japanese dub, seem to have returned to offer their voices. Might this be an indicator that when the game is dubbed in English, Monolith Soft might bring in veteran Xenoblade English voice actors?

PLEASE NOTE: These are rough translations provided by a fan.


Male Voices(男性ボイス)

[Hero](「王道」) – Shintarou Asanuma(浅沼晋太郎): “We’ll win like this!(これで勝利だ!)”

[Rival](「ライバル」) – Kouki Uchiyama(内山昂輝): “[I/you] still have a ways to go.(目的が果たせるのは、まだ先ですね。)”

[Hot-Blooded]([熱血]) – Eiji Miyashita(宮下栄治): “You can count on me!(よろしく頼むぜ!)”

[]「優等生」 – Shinnosuke Tachibana立花慎之介 – ”Let us strive together(共に励みましょう)”

[Sensitive]「耽美」 – Tetsuya Kakihara(柿原徹也) – “That wasn’t bad, huh?(悪くはなかったかな)”

[Delusions of Grandeur]「中二病」 – Ichitarou Hoshisou(保志総一郎) – “How terrible, I can’t control this POWER(悪いな。この力、制御不能でね。)”

[Soldier]「軍人」 – Daisuke Namikawa(浪川大輔) – “Charge! Don’t let up the attack!(突撃!攻め手を止めるな!)”

[Big Bro]「アニキ」 – Hiko Sekitoshi(関俊彦) “Glad I could help(頼られるの、嬉しいねぇ)”

[Southerner]「関西弁」 – Machiya Onozaka(小野坂昌也) – “Y’all can rely on me(よろしく頼んまっせ)”

[Samurai]「古武士」 – Hideyuki Tanaka(田中秀幸) – “Training is nothing compared to a real fight(じっせんに勝る修練はない)”

Female Voices(女性ボイス)

[Heroine]「王道」 – Ai Maeda(前田愛) – “If I keep this up, victory’s in the bag!(これくらいなら倒せて当然!)”

[Tsundere]「ツンデレ」Rina Satou(佐藤利奈)”I-it’s not like I asked you to Break[status effect] them!(くっ・・・崩したからって何よ!?)”

[Soft-Spoken]「ささやき」Yui Agura(小倉唯) – “I’ll accompany(お供します。)”

[M’lady]「お姉さま」Shiori Katsuta(勝田詩織) – “Pleased to meet you(御機嫌よう)”

[Clingy]「甘え声」Maaya Uchida(内田真) – “I fought soooo well~(上手に戦えました~♪)”

[Doofus]「アホドジ」Sumire Kamisaka(上坂すみれ) – “A perfect victory~(完璧な大勝利ぃ~♪)”

[Soldier]「軍人」Atsuko Tanaka(田中敦子) – “How do you plan to take out these small-fry?(雑魚相手に何発使うつもり?)”

[Sultry]「セクシー」Mizuami Koshi(小清水亜美) – “What a….nice reaction(この手応え・・・良かったわ。)”

[Southerner]「関西弁」Ryouko Shiraishi(白石涼子) – “Let’s wrassle this problem together(うちと頑張るろなっ)”

[Eastern]「和風」Mariko Suzuki(鈴木麻里子) – “I place myself in your care(この身、預けよう)”


Check out all of Gessenkou’s translations in this Google Doc.
Courtesy of Gessenkou from GameFAQS

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