Xenoblade Chronicles X | online info

As always, we here at oprainfall practically foam at the mouth for anything Xenoblade related. Today, though we didn’t really hear any new story features in Xenoblade Chronicles X, we did learn something cool. It was revealed by Koh Kojima on his personal Twitter account that Off-TV play is coming to the game solely due to Western demand for such a feature.

While I can’t speak for other Wii U owners, I am most pleased by this, primarily due to my lack of a HD TV. For me, playing my Wii U games on my Gamepad is the only way to enjoy them fully. Besides this, I simply like the capacity to play my games with my TV off, as I find it somehow relaxing.

Kojima further clarified he was originally not necessarily intending to implement this feature, as it was uncertain if the Gamepad could display all the information required. Luckily, this fear proved unfounded, as it now appears Off-TV play is a sure thing for the game when it releases. I am confident this wonderful spiritual successor will be worth the wait!


Josh Speer
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