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It seems hard times have fallen on Sega of America. The company president and COO, John Cheng, announced that the company would begin relocating from San Francisco to Southern California. He also stated the company would go through some downsizing during this move that would run from January to the early summer of 2015. You can check out the full statement below:

This move was crucial to keep SEGA operations moving forward throughout North America and to provide our millions of fans a strong pipeline of content across gaming, TV, merchandising, and more,” said Cheng. “We are confident that by relocating to Southern California we will be able to thrive, grow and become a stronger company because of it.”

Relocation packages are being offered to a number of employees, but there will be positions reduced from the company to streamline operations. The total number of employees affected by this move will be realized after the complete transition is finalized in early summer.

Cheng added, “We are sad to say goodbye to some of the best people in the business and are indebted to them for their hard work and dedication through the years.

Sega of America’s game release schedule nor the Sonic Boom television show will be affected by this move.



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