UPDATE: It appears that there is some confusion going on. A production coordinator for XSEED Games has come out and stated that only 4 games are being teased in this picture. After revealing this, the employee made sure to note that this was not done maliciously.

We didn’t really anticipate people thinking those squares were teasers, so…that wasn’t us trying to trick you. But now you know!

So, I guess that answers what those non-silhouetted areas are. And thanks to some detective work by fellow gamers, 3 of the 4 are believed to be figured out. If you want to be spoiled before XSEED reveals the list, check out the thread on NeoGAF.

Eight Unknown XSEED Titles To Be Announced

The following has been edited with new information that has been revealed to the public by XSEED Games.

XSEED Games wished us all a Happy New Year with a new Facebook post. The post showed off the previously released games of last year — such as Akiba’s Trip, the Senran Kagura Vita games, and Rune Factory 4 for Europe — and the games that they have currently lined up for this year — featuring Corpse Party and Story of Seasons. But even better, they once again tease us. 4 unknown titles are featured showing silhouettes — which creates a nice little guessing game to pass the time until they eventually announce them.

Forbidden Magna / Lord of MagnaOur guess for the first panel is this character from Forbidden Magna, which presumably had a domain registered for Lord of Magna. Other games that were registered a domain: Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Above picture is for the PC version of the original Corpse Party), Trails of Cold Steel (Speculations are pointing to this being Sen No Kiseki), and Xanadu Next. Could those be pictured as well?

What titles do you think they are? Take a guess in the comments below.

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