Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Mega Man Armor | Media Create

Software Sales

01./01. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate <ACT> (Capcom) {2014.10.11} (¥6.264) – 101.349 / 2.047.199 (-41%)
02./08. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch 2: Ganso & Honke <RPG> (Level 5) {2014.07.10} (¥4.937) – 29.524 / 2.815.708 (-3%)
03./07. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS <FTG> (Nintendo) {2014.09.13} (¥5.616) – 29.428 / 1.676.957 (-20%)
04./02. [PS3] Jikkyō Powerful Pro Baseball 2014 <SPT> (Konami) {2014.10.23} (¥7.538) – 19.986 / 101.967 (-76%)
05./03. [PS3] The Evil Within <ADV> (Bethesda Softworks) {2014.10.23} (¥6.264) – 15.982 / 75.370 (-73%)
06./05. [PSV] Jikkyō Powerful Pro Baseball 2014 <SPT> (Konami) {2014.10.23} (¥7.538) – 12.576 / 63.412 (-75%)
07./00. [PS3] Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! <RPG> (Take-Two Interactive Japan) {2014.10.30} (¥6.804) – 12.386 / NEW
08./00. [PS4] Onechanbara Z2: Chaos <ACT> (D3 Publisher) {2014.10.30} (¥7.344) – 10.474 / NEW
09./06. [3DS] Tales of the World: Reve Unitia <RPG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2014.10.23} (¥5.627) – 9.802 / 56.840 (-79%)
10./00. [PSP] Gakuen K: Wonderful School Days <ADV> (Idea Factory) {2014.10.30} (¥6.264) – 7.370 / NEW
11./00. [PS4] Metro: Redux <ACT> (Spike Chunsoft) {2014.10.30} (¥6.264) – 6.158 / NEW
12./04. [PS4] The Evil Within <ADV> (Bethesda Softworks) {2014.10.23} (¥7.884) – 5.393 / 64.597 (-91%)
13./00. [PSV] Grisaia no Meikyuu: Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia <ADV> (Prototype) {2014.10.30} (¥5.616) – 4.652 / NEW
14./09. [PSV] Super Hero Generation <SLG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2014.10.23} (¥7.171) – 4.026 / 20.828 (-76%)
15./12. [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX <RPG> (Square Enix) {2014.10.02} (¥7.179) – 3.855 / 127.402 (-38%)
16./00. [XB1] Sunset Overdrive <ACT> (Microsoft Game Studios) {2014.10.30} (¥7.452) – 3.534 / NEW
17./14. [WIU] Mario Kart 8 <RCE> (Nintendo) {2014.05.29} (¥6.156) – 3.170 / 696.378 (+12%)
18./00. [PSV] DRAMAtical Murder re:code <ADV> (Nitro+) {2014.10.30} (¥7.020) – 3.133 / NEW
19./10. [PS3] Super Hero Generation <SLG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2014.10.23} (¥8.208) – 3.034 / 15.600 (-76%)
20./11. [PSV] Chaos Ring III: Prequel Trilogy <RPG> (Square Enix) {2014.10.16} (¥5.184) – 2.790 / 22.193 (-60%)

Hardware Sales

3DS 69.673
PS Vita 11.406
PS4 8.906
PS3 5.066
Wii U 4.696
Xbox One 599
Xbox 360 79
PSP 50

And now, a lull in the Media Create charts. Nearly everything went down from last week, with only the Wii U and Mario Kart 8 finding gains. There were new games, but nothing that stood out or made consoles move. And while Nintendo found itself on top of both charts with the 3DS and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, it could only muster a quarter of the Top 20 this week.

And yes, the Wii U saw an increase in sale this week. But quickly found itself well behind last year’s Week 44 numbers, which saw the release of Wii Party U in the region. December 5th can’t come quick enough for Nintendo’s flagship console.

Sunset Overdrive - Logo | Media Create

Moving on to software, the Top 20 saw a number of new games this week. A few of them are West developed and have already released here, so I’ll just list them quickly:

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (PS3; Xbox 360 just missed the Top 20)
  • Metro: Redux (PS4)
  • Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

Here are some of the other games that released this past week.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos | Media Create

The top PS4 game this week was OneChanbara Z2: Chaos from D3 Publisher. This is the latest release in the OneChanbara series. The series has seen a few games release in the West — mostly Europe — with Bikini Samurai Sqaud on Xbox 360 and Bikini Zombie Slayers on Wii as the only iterations to fully release worldwide. It’s unclear if this will come west, seeing as how the last three titles stayed in Japan, but it can be imported fairly easily since the PS4 is region-free.

Next is Gakuen K: Wonderful School Days from Idea Factory. This is a PSP visual novel based on the series known as K, or K Project. The protagonist of this game is a female character named Saya Konohana, who is an original character exclusive to this game. While the game will probably stay in Japan, you can check out the anime K, as it was licensed and brought West by Viz Media in North America and Madman Entertainment in Australia.

The Fruit of Grisaia | Media Create

We then have Grisaia no Meikyuu: Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia from Prototype. This is an upgraded Vita version of the original PSP sequel to Le Fruit de la Grisaia. Sekai Project has the rights to the games and are looking to Kickstarter to get them localized for Western audiences some time this month. If you want to learn more about this franchise, check out Azario Lopez’s recaps of the anime series.

Finally, we have DRAMAtical Murder re:code from Nitro+. This is a Vita port of the original PC game that released in 2012. However, it has been edited to target a teen audience with the lessening of blood and violence, the removal of nudity and sex scenes, and giving the character Mizuki his own route in the game.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Great Jaggi 2 | Media Create

As for returning games, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate becomes the latest 3DS game to reach the 2 million mark. Yo-kai Watch 2 continues its march toward 3 million units sold. And Mario Kart 8 under 4,000 units away from 700,000 sold.


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