Senran Kaura Shinovi Versus Daidōji DLC
Senran Kaura Shinovi Versus Rin DLC

The battle for shinobi supremacy continues this week as two familiar faces join the fray. But first, what’s everyone wearing this week? Here are all the new clothes and accessories available today on the North American PlayStation®Store:

Happy Halloween – This underworldly underwear is yours at no cost – except perhaps your soul.

Second-Rate Axe – Not the best axe around, but hey, it’s only $0.49.

Balloon Set – When your battles need a little more bouncy cheer, pick up this bundle of two colored balloons for $0.49.

Heart Chocolate Set – Show your affection for your opponents with a bundle of three chocolate boxes, all for $0.99.

Business Suit – Show your serious side with this professional attire for $1.99. And don’t worry about how many buttons to button; it’ll be a moot point soon.

Nurse Set – Put on this classic nurse outfit and matching hat for $2.49, and then ask your opponents where it hurts.

Sexy Maid – Wrap yourself in this lovely lace for $1.99, and keep the place as clean or dirty as you like.

Racing Outfit – Get your blood coursing with this black vinyl getup for $1.99. Flaming hoops not included.

Dress and Hat Set – An elegant sun dress with matching hat for $2.49. Perfect for outings in the park. Almost as perfect for ninja brawls.

Costume Set 2 – A $5.99 bundle that includes the Business Suit, Racing Outfit, Sexy Maid, Dress and Hat Set, and Nurse Set.

And finally, here they are:

Daidōji – The Hanzō girls’ supreme upperclasswoman takes center stage in her own playable adventure. Not only does she get her own storyline in the Hanzō National Academy’s “Shinobi Girl’s Heart” section, and not only does she become playable in multiplayer with all the customization options of any other girl in the Dressing Room, but her ambitions don’t stop with SHINOVI VERSUS. Pick her up, and she’ll follow you to Bon Appetit!, where she’ll give you an even more outrageous storyline to play through, as well as a fearsomely challenging song to attempt. All that for $3.99.

Rin – Not to be outdone by her rival Daidōji, Rin steps up in VERSUS as well, offering her own storyline in the Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy’s “Shinobi Girl’s Heart” section. She’s playable and customizable in multiplayer, and like Daidōji, picking her up will bring her into Bon Appetit! as well, complete with her own storyline and boss music. (One caveat: Since Rin fights for Hebijo, she only carries over into Bon Appetit! if you also have the “Gessen x Hebijo” Expansion for that game.) She’s yours for $3.99.

Character Set – If you think you can handle them both, pick up Rin and Daidōji together for just $5.99.

The same DLC will be launching on the European PlayStation®Store tomorrow, 10/29/14.

That’s it for this week, but we’ll be rolling out new content each week from now through the holiday season. Tune in next week for more costumes, hairstyles, and maybe a freebie or two!

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