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Pathologic | oprainfall

Good news for any horror fans out there. A Kickstarter campaign has launched in order to fund a re-imagining of Pathologic, Ice Pick Lodge’s 2005 open-world psychological horror game. While the original version of Pathologic has been released in English on Desura in 2012, Ice Pick Lodge intends to re-imagine the game in an attempt to fix the flaws of the original. They plan to improve upon the original by adding new quests, removing filler quests, adding more advanced NPC AI, more balanced gameplay and an improved localization. The story, characters, atmosphere, setting and the general ideas, however, will be kept the same.

At this time, Pathologic has about $100,000 to go to reach its $250,000 goal and has 29 more days to do it. If funded, Pathologic is set to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.