UPDATE: A new fighter has joined the ranks, so it’s time to update my list. I understand that the roster was leaked earlier in the week, but out of respect for Nintendo and Sakurai I’m only adding newcomers that get officially announced. Please understand.


Who’s excited for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS? I certainly am. I’m salivating at the idea of getting my dirty mitts on the latest Nintendo brawler. And like most fans of the series, the one thing I look forward to the most is finding out who the newbies—the ones willing to get seven shades knocked out of them—are.

So far, 12 13 newcomers have been announced. I’m including one character who appeared in Brawl simply because they’ve been completely revised, which practically makes them worthy of newcomer status. With these 12 new challengers, I thought it was high time that someone rank them in order of expectation, interest, and any other words that mean ‘LET ME PLAY WITH THEM NOW!’

Super Smash Bros.
Image courtesy of Brodie Dayton-Mills

This will be an ongoing list that could change with the reveal of any future newcomers. For now, I present to you The Probably Not Official or Definitive Ranking of All the Smash Bros. Newcomers…So Far.

DISCLAIMER: I am ranking these from whom I’m least interested in to most interested in. Please expect the occasional moan and groan. Thanks.

13) Mii Fighter

Mii Fighter | Super Smash Bros.
Three? Or one? Three? Or one? Which is it?

Is the Mii Fighter counted as one character or three? I’m not too sure, so let me know your thoughts in the comments. Either way, their inclusion hasn’t really excited me. Whilst the idea of them is quite fun, the novelty has already worn off. I’d probably only play with them once or twice, and I can’t see them being popular with veteran Smash players.

12) Charizard

Charizard | Super Smash Bros.
Oh. You’re back. I’m so happy. *end sarcasm*

Okay. I’m fully aware Charizard was part of the playable team in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I consider him to be a newcomer based on three very good and legit reasons. Firstly, Charizard is no longer tied to the Pokémon Trainer. Secondly, the fire Pokémon has a new(ish) revised move set. Lastly, it got its own snazzy CGI trailer, along with another Pokémon. Pretty strong evidence of newcomer status, wouldn’t you say? All that being said, I don’t like Pokémon and couldn’t care less about playing as one. Next!

11) Greninja

Greninja | Super Smash Bros.

Speaking of not caring about Pokémon links nicely into who is at tenth place. Greninja is the newest Pokémon to join the Super Smash Bros. series, and again, I’m filled with an overwhelming feeling of ‘meh’. It could be because I’ve never even heard of a Greninja. Having said that, it does look like it plays better than Charizard, and I love the fact that its tongue also acts as its scarf. Classy stuff.

Next, a famous yellow character who is most definitely not a Pokémon →

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