Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 | Title

Act.4: Masquerade
Paper faces on parade

As I mentioned in a comment last time, I’m just kinda rollin’ with the bad animation in Sailor Moon Crystal, though at the time, I wondered if it’s just a weird style that we haven’t gotten used to yet.

It was a stretch, I admit.

Especially when you consider that it appears that there are fewer weird animations and drawings in the latest episode.

So there’s that.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 | Rei and Ami

But anyway! I felt like this episode was trying even harder to get back into that feeling that the first Sailor Moon had. Things were fun and romantic, and Usagi was… well, Usagi. She goofed off on the job and fell asleep at a huge party. The pace of the show has definitely caught up to a speed where I find myself enjoying it beyond it simply being a Sailor Moon reboot.  Yet I find myself having a hard time being certain as to why.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 | Bubbles
Maybe it’s the bubbles. I love bubbles.

Maybe it was the over-the-top-ness with Sailor Moon shooting a laser beam from her forehead. It was a nice addition that was neither in the manga nor the anime. It certainly kept things fresh. Also, the way it was introduced is downright worthy of applause. We have Sailor Moon going through some stock footage until she realizes that her tiara exploded during her last fight. The effect is jarring as she realizes this and we feel the same shock that she does due to this bait-and-switch.

Also, happy warm feelings making weapons? Freaking awesome. That’s the power of love right there.

This episode gave me a bunch of an old anime trope that I didn’t realize I missed: Swirly Glasses. Oh Swirly Glasses, how I have missed you and your over-the-top ways. The way you turn anyone into a comical dork, the way you are a bit of visual joke, and the way I constantly wonder how people see out of you. In my younger years, I had glasses and I kind of identified with you.  Just slightly.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 | Swirly Glasses

One thing I wanted to talk about was the kiss at the end of the episode. Usagi is passed out on the bench and the confused-yet-suave  Tuxedo Mask comes over and kisses her. It’s a very romantic scene and I’ll admit I swooned and D’awwed at it. You can argue that the scene itself summarizes a bit about relationships as a whole. There’s a bit of helplessness to them. There’s an allowance to let the other person see you naked and vulnerable in hopes that they don’t harm you. That’s sometimes why people have issues committing, it’s f***ing terrifying to allow someone to have that kind of power.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 | Kiss

Yet at the same time, I had a reality check. That kiss was without consent! That’s straight up molestation! Yes, you can say that Usagi appears to be sort of conscious as we hear her inner thoughts about it “feeling familiar,” but in the real world things aren’t that easy. I’m aware the show is fantasy, but these are things we just need to keep in mind. Just take a look at some rape statistics to know that there is a problem in the world.

Don’t think I’m saying we need to condemn the show or the scene. That’s not what I’m saying at all. All I’m saying is that we need to give ourselves some pause about it. Relationships are tricky things and, considering that there’s an actual problem in the world, we need to make sure we’re aware that this kind of act will not fly in reality most of the time. I think we have the right to be alarmed but need Usagi to, more or less, tell us “No, no, it’s cool guys. I would have socked him in the face otherwise.”

Knowledge is power and all that.

Luna thought the whole thing was bullshit after all.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 | Luna
Luna does not approve

And with the final scene of the show, it appears my prediction still holds true: we’re getting some Mako-chan in the next episode! Get. Hyped.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 | Mako

What did you think of this week’s episode and that kissing scene? Willing to let it slide like I did? What about that new forehead laser beam attack? Or are you just pumped for some Sailor Jupiter? Let us know in the comments.

Sailor Moon Crystal is simulcast on Crunchyroll every first and third Saturday of the month at 3:00 AM PDT for both premium and free users.

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