Galactic Civilizations III map

Have you always wanted to conquer the universe? If so, developer Stardock understands, since in 2003 they released Galactic Civilzations, the first in the long running space strategy series. As of today the most recent game in the series, Galactic Civilizations III, is in open beta on Steam exclusively for 64-bit Windows PCs.

In this turn-based space sim to conquer the galaxy involves not only warfare but expansion, exploration and diplomacy… or it will in the full game, right now only the conquest victory has been implemented. Currently you can pick on of five space faring alien races to play as. Either the Terran Alliance, Drengin Empire, Altarian Resistance, or Iridium Corporation, each with their own unique strengths and abilities.

Galactic Civilizations III characters

Unlike other games of it’s type, Galactic Civilizations also allows the player to design their own units and colonize new worlds in their race to galactic domination. You can also guide your civilizations ideology through either pragmatic, benevolent, or merciless paths gaining unique bonuses along the way.

Do you think you’ll get the game? Will you get it in beta, or do you prefer to wait until the full version comes out? Let us know in the comments!


Colin Malone
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