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Recently mentioned during Sony’s Gamescom Conference, Olof Björk of Paradox Interactive went into detail regarding their new upcoming title Runemaster on the PlayStation blog yesterday. In it, Ragnarok may be coming and players can either postpone it or force it to come quicker and bring about a new era.

Runemaster will be the first role-playing made by the studio, as they are mostly known for historical strategy games like Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV. The game will be steeped in Norse myth that draws from the various Viking Sagas and Eddas written down centuries ago. What this means for players is that the story will be both comedic and tragic. Although many episodes in the Norse myth contain pranks, there are also bitter rivalries and a general bleak outlook.

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Björk goes on to discuss that players will be able to explore six of the nine worlds spoken of in traditional Norse myth. With these six worlds comes six races that players will be able to create both genders to use. To add to replay value, Paradox also includes different quests for every race and a randomly generated world as well. No two games will be the same.

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Another bonus to the game is that players will be able to create armies to battle with. This army will be able to gain experience in battle and players will be able to equip them with banners and such to enhance them further. These portions of the game will require the use of a tactical battle map, so it appears that Paradox will not be straying too far from their historical strategy roots.

Runemaster will be coming to both PC and PS4 in 2015. Check out the official site at

What do you think about this game and all the promises given? Think they’ll be able to deliver? Excited about a Norse myth heavy game? Let us know in the comments.


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