Rei Kneeling Before a Fire | Sailor Moon Crystal Act.3

Act.3: Rei – SAILOR MARS –
Enter the BEST

I am officially okay with the use of CG in Sailor Moon Crystal. I don’t know if it’s just grown on me, or if I’m just that ridiculous of a fan of Sailor Mars, but I am down with the computer-generated clowning around in the show.

That transformation scene.

I can’t even, you guys.

I can’t.

Sailor Mars Transforms | Sailor Moon Crystal Act.3

Anyway! Before this article turns into an I-heart-Rei article, let’s chat about why this episode is so damn good.

There was something really amusing about this episode. The way Usagi’s pining over both Mamoru and Rei was depicted felt as if Sailor Moon Crystal was trying to achieve that wackiness from the original anime. I felt there was a lot of that in this episode now that Usagi isn’t freaking out that she’s Sailor Moon. If anything, she’s kinda annoyed about it, since she just wants to hang out all day. That is where a lot of the fun of the original Sailor Moon came from, that constant juxtaposition of “magical life” versus “normal life.” Most of the time, you have a heroine who is really into her whole magical girl thing, but not Usagi. Yeah, she rocks the job, but she really just wants to play video games and eat junk food all day.

How can you not relate to that?

Usagi as a Stewardess | Sailor Moon Crystal Act.3
And using your special powers to turn into a flight stewardess during a bus rescue for a gag/because you want to look cool—I think we’d all do that too.

I’ve noticed a few places talk about how Usagi’s obsession with Rei could be seen as a nod to Usagi’s possible bisexuality. Whether or not this is looking too deep (or just hoping for things), what is great about it is it shows Usagi’s uncensored desire to have people in her life. Ami doesn’t even chastise her for this rampant over-the-top emotion; she just tells her not to stare. That’s pretty amazing in a world where we’re often told that emotions are bad.

That’s part of why I do like Usagi as much as I do. It’s that excitement and love for things that are so damn pure and unadulterated. Hipster Usagi can’t happen; she’s too damn genuine. You know those crazy Twilight fangirls who freak out when they talk about their favorite sparkly vampire? That’s Usagi. She loves what she loves, and she doesn’t give a damn about what you think.

Mamoru's ID | Sailor Moon Crystal Act.3
Not a creeper.

One of the things that I’m sure messed up a lot of boys’ and girls’ expectations of proper relationship age gaps in the original show was Mamoru’s age. In the original Sailor Moon, he’s a college student. But true to the manga,Sailor Moon Crystal has him back in high school, where he belongs. The exchange felt as if Mamoru wasn’t just showing his ID to Usagi, but to us viewers.

Towards the end of the episode, there is a moment where it is implied that Rei and Jadeite know each other. This, while not in the original anime, is a subplot from the manga, one I am rather excited to see if they will use fully.

Rei | Sailor Moon Crystal Act.3

The only other thing I am curious about is if Rei will have “no use for men” and be celibate like she was in the manga or if she’ll be boy-crazy like in the anime. (Okay, maybe “celibate” isn’t the right word. Doing a bit of research, while it turns out Rei did make a vow of chastity to Princess Serenity, we shouldn’t consider it the same as celibacy. The words, while often used interchangeably, are not exactly the same. Chastity refers to avoiding extramarital intercourse. Celibacy is straight-up no sex ever.)

It also looks like my prediction from last time was correct. There were not any hints of Sailor Jupiter in this episode, so we’re probably gonna get a few episodes of the three Sailor Guardians.

Personally, I’m excited for the other thing that made Sailor Moon so much fun: Rei and Usagi fighting all the time.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars Bickering | Sailor Moon (1992 Anime)

What did you think about this episode? Think I’m crazy for my Rei love? Upset that we’re probably not going to get Sailor Jupiter right away? Hit us up in the comments.

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