GameCube Controller Adapter Mod for 2DS | oprainfall
Is there anything Loopy can’t do?

What better way to enjoy the new upcoming Super Smash Bros. than with a GameCube controller? Loopy, the creator of the 3DS capture boards, has made a custom GameCube adapter mod for the 2DS.

What I do to amuse myself I re-purposed an old capture board. Along with the standard buttons, the GC analog stick is also mapped to the 3DS d-pad. C-stick also goes to Y/X/B/A.

He shows off his mod and his Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition skills in the video below. Now whether or not this mod will be up for sale is still unknown, but from judging the price of his capture cards (a whopping $245), it will probably not be cheap.


Ryan McConnell
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