Mario Maker

To kick off day two of E3 2014 was Nintendo’s 47-minute Nintendo Digital Event. Among the new Mii Fighters, Nintendo tapping into the evil power of Skylanders with the Amiibo and Xenoblade Chronicles X with its glorious giant robot action, there sat a little awesome game waiting to be launched on the Wii U in 2015.

This game was none other that Mario Maker, a game that anyone who ever made a Mario fan game, a 2D platformer with inspiration, or indeed a romhack of Super Mario World, looked upon and licked their lips. Mario Maker allows the player to create their own Mario levels, and, not only that, but also to switch between the traditional 8-bit graphics or the newer New Super Mario Bros graphics. Anything from enemy placement, to pipes, to power ups are creatable and controllable by the player.

As a romhacker, Mario Maker interests me greatly. While there is a certain level of freedom when it comes to going into the games assembly code and changing it to your own specifications, having a system so simple to use and readily available is amazing!

Mario Maker | Paragoombas

Mario Maker is currently scheduled for a 2015 release for the Wii U, and I cannot wait!

Mario Maker | 8-bit Mario Maker | NSMB

Mario Maker | RouteMario Maker | Placement

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