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inXile Entertainment harnesses the power of the crowd to localize Wasteland 2 for international audiences, rewarding the best contributors along the way

Newport Beach, California – June 2, 2014 – inXile Entertainment has launched a localization crowdsourcing effort to help translate the French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of Wasteland 2, due to ship the end of August 2014. Anyone can join the effort on the Get Localization project (http://www.getlocalization.com/Wasteland2/), where fans will work together with professional editors to fix any errors and inconsistencies within the translated text. Additionally, inXile will have hardcore RPG fans in each language jumping in to play the game in their own tongue, providing an extra level of feedback. This process will ensure the final product is up to the high quality standard of Wasteland 2. The project has already commenced, with the translation output from fans demonstrating a high level of quality and consistency. That’s the value of getting real RPG gamers involved! inXile is going to reward the best contributors: anyone who has submitted approved translations for over 250 strings will receive a copy of Wasteland 2, including access to the currently ongoing beta. “This is another development concept that fits what we’ve been trying to do all along with Wasteland 2. This project could never have happened without the crowd, and that’s true for this particular effort as well. As the game’s script is approaching 500,000 words, localizing becomes an unfathomably large task, and I couldn’t imagine tackling it without our fans’ help in conjunction with the editors,” said Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertainment.

David Fernandes
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