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Remember the old Lemmings game? Some of us tried to save all the cute Lemmings while others watched them fall to their death. One thing is for sure though: no matter how you played it, the game was fun. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and want to see what these little guys look like in all their glory now, head on over to PSN when it updates later today and get the latest version: Lemmings Touch ($9.99).

Lemmings Group | oprainfall

The game was specifically designed for the PS Vita. Use the touch controls to help the Lemmings on their way to the end of the stage by moving platforms, pressing switches and so much more. In addition to the blast from past, the game offers new puzzles and hazards to test your limits. Guide the Lemmings on their way as you avoid obstacles in your path in fun places like Candy Land, Space, Ancient Egypt, Crystal Caves ad Fiery Hell.

Lemming Personalization | oprainfall

There are also objective-based challenges found in the game for you to complete to unlock costumes for your Lemmings.

Dark Lemming | oprainfallAnd then we have this guy. He is a new type of Lemming who you won’t be saving! If you save him it’s game over man. It’s up to you to figure out how to save the good Lemmings and let this poor bastard die. Have fun!


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