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Cave Story is coming to the European Nintendo 3DS eShop says publisher Nicalis on May 1st. Keep in mind that this isn’t the Cave Story 3D version, which came out in retail. This will be the version that was released for the North American eShop back in 2012.

Cave Story is an indie game success story that all other indie games strive to be. Daisuke Amaya created the game over the course of five years in his spare time. After its release as a freeware game on PC, it slowly gained popularity and was ported to other platforms like Linux and Mac OS X. It even has a port for graphing calculators. With the help of Nicalis, Amaya ported the game over to WiiWare and DSiWare, created an enhanced version called Cave Story+ for Steam, and released the 3DS version on the eShop two years ago. In addition, a 3D remake of the game was developed by Nicalis and published by NIS America for retail release on 3DS. In all, there’s about six versions of this game floating about.

The above image came from Nicalis, although one has to wonder how many people in Europe would get the Kool-Aid Man reference. Pricing has yet to be announced. If you would like to learn about the nuances of the various versions of Cave Story, check out Jonathan Higgins’ look at the game.


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