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(Japan) Corpse Party: Blood Drive will be releasing on the PS Vita on July 24 according to MAGES. The story  takes place after chapter 8 of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, and will have the same systems as the first Corpse Party game released here. You can control different characters and investigate the many secrets throughout each stage. Experience the fear with new characters, dummy head mic-recorded surround sound and much more. Adding to the fear, and making headphones necessary, is the dummy head mic feature. You can hear in every direction, which makes for an unknown and unsettling experience.

Naomi and the Shinzoaki family helped out Ayumi, the girl who got a serious illness. While she was in the hospital, a girl named Hinoe, Ayumi’s older sister, appears and tells her “Return the Book of Shadows.” Later on, Ayumi is attending the Kisaragi Academy where a hooded man stands in front of her and says “if you take back the Book of Shadows, those who have died can come back to life by the heavenly gods.” Ayumi swears to have the Book of Shadows back in her hands. 

I mentioned some new characters above and they include the following:

Misuto Kiriya

  • The man who approached Ayumi and told her the above, as in the story.

Kuon Niwa

  • The assistant homeroom teacher in Ayumi’s class. She seems to be a quiet teacher who has her students in mind most of the time. Definitely has some mysterious qualities about her!

Magali Mizuki

  • The transfer student who is involved with  Grave of Maltuba, a black magic cult. Also looking for the Book of Shadows.

A double opening theme is available this time around! The two opening themes are by Asami Imai (prod. Ayumi Shinzoaki) and Yumi Hara (prod. Satsuki Mizuhara).

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A special thank you to WILL WHITEHURST for providing the translation that made this article possible!


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