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Grab seven RPGs at once!

For a limited time, Journey to Kreisia, Chrome Wolf, Chronus Arc, Destiny Fantasia, Infinite Dunamis, Bonds of the Skies and Cross Hearts Arcadia will be discounted 67-75%! Don’t miss the chance to update your KEMCO RPG collection with just $1.99 each!!

RPG Journey to Kreisia
$7.99 ->$1.99(75%OFF)

After suddenly being summoned to an unknown world, a high schooler by the name of Yusis learns of his destiny to become the Savior and face off against the Overlord- a being who threatens the destruction of Kreisia. Confident in his abilities, he sets out on this quest with a priestess named Cynthia at his side in hopes of restoring peace to the world, but with no experience even handling a sword, can he really succeed or is he doomed to die a most unthinkable death…?!

RPG Chrome Wolf
$7.99 ->$1.99(75%OFF)

Kruz is an imperial soldier on a mission with his unit to suppress the Rebel Army. They soon discover the cruel reality of the situation. They have the choice to obey orders or defect, and one comrade chooses to do the right thing by disobeying military protocol. However, what Kruz decides is…

RPG Chronus Arc
$7.99 ->$1.99(75%OFF)

Loka is a young boy who is training to become a Sorcerer Knight. He is heading off to get the Chronus Fragments, which are needed for the ceremony of ‘Time Rewinding’, in which the current world is overwritten by the past. However, the sudden appearance of a mysterious man intent on stealing the Fragments changes all this, and Loka finds himself on a quest with his childhood friend, Princess Sarna…

RPG Destiny Fantasia
$7.99 ->$1.99(75%OFF)

The tyranny of the Epsilom Empire has destroyed the small home town of Lidim. After an encounter with two mysterious girls, Lidim decides to set off on a journey to prevent the disaster from happening again and to find out the truth of why his village was destroyed. However, a bigger truth was lurking behind all these disasters happening around…

RPG Infinite Dunamis
$7.99 ->$1.99(75%OFF)

One day while returning home from a job in the Royal City, a gifted engineer by the name of Luke comes across a young woman being attacked in the cave near his village. After fending off her attackers, he attempts to pull her from a heap of discarded mechanical parts only to discover she herself is half robot!

RPG Bonds of the Skies
$7.99 ->$1.99(75%OFF)

One day, Eil’s town is attacked by a demon and engulfed in flames. In order to try to save the town, Eil enters into a pact with a god, the Air Grimoa, Nogard.

RPG Cross Hearts Arcadia
$5.99 ->$1.99(67%OFF)

As Nirva and his colleagues research an ancient ruin, he hears a strange voice that leads him to an “egg” deep in the ruin which he takes home. Soon after, that egg hatches, and a fairy named Tylt asks Nirva to head towards the “Genesis Sanctuary” together. Their unexpected journey starts with them sharing one life between two bodies…

David Fernandes
(Community Manager) David is an assistant admin and community manager at oprainfall. He joined the Operation Rainfall Campaign at the beginning, and became one of the staff as the first wave of new volunteers were needed back in mid June. He is an avid video game collector, and lover of most game genres. David spends much of his time in a futile effort in clearing out his ever growing video game backlog.