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Aksys Games have taken to Facebook to ask fans a question about which platform you prefer visual novels on. The post says “We want to hear from you Aksys fans! Take our visual novel survey and tell us what you think! It’s quick and simple” The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

About the Survey (from Survey Page)

Welcome to the Aksys Games Visual Novel Survey!  With the release of such hits as the Zero Escape and Hakuoki series, as well as Sweet Fuse and Jake Hunter, Aksys Games has been a pioneer in bringing the visual novel genre to the West. This year, we announced XBlaze Code: Embryo, a new style of visual novel from the developers behind BlazBlue.  Aksys Games is committed to supporting this genre. However, we’d like to hear from our fans as to which consoles and/or handhelds they want to play visual novels games.

Please take a minute to tell us your opinion.

Click here to take the survey. This survey reminds me that I still have many visual novels I want to play!

For more on some of the visual novels mentioned, check out our reviews.

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