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Welcome to another Monday and another episode of The Downpour Podcast!

We have a packed show for you this time around! First we hit you with a dose of gaming news as well as a breakdown of what we’ve been playing. We’re all eagerly awaiting February for some of our highly anticipated games like Bravely Default and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and we couldn’t be more excited. Of course we can’t talk video games, RPGs, and Final Fantasy without also giving our two cents on the most recent mobile release of Final Fantasy VI, but you might hear some things you wouldn’t expect!

With 2014 giving us a fresh, new start we thought it best to shake things up here at the show and have a little fun. Starting right here with Episode 42 we are doing guest topic segments where we invite some cool peeps from around the internet to talk to us about video games and topics that are near and dear to their hearts. To kick it off we have Stealth, known from another podcast called RPGrinders (which you can listen to every Friday LIVE at 8 P.M. Eastern Time) and, of course, check out his rants on Twitter via @Stealth___.

Following that up we’ve got a healthy dose of anime talk! How’s that Winter anime season coming? We might just be too busy with Kill la Kill and Space Dandy! And so much more!

Stay tuned for Episode 43 headed your way on Monday, February 10th, 2014. 

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Show Notes

REVIEW: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
REVIEW: Catherine
REVIEW: Chasing Aurora
REVIEW: Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies
NEWS: PR | Digitally Remastered Pokemon Soundtrack
NEWS:Renegade Kid regains rights to Moon, files trademark for Moon Chronicles.
NEWS:Xenogears: Perfect Works is being reprinted.

OPENING: Fire Emblem – Strike
INTERVIEW INTRO: Persona 2 Innocent Sin (PSP) – Boss Battle
ANIME: Kill la Kill – Don’t Lose Your Way
CLOSING: Devil Survivor: Overclocked – Cool Jam

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