Kingdom Hearts III

It started out as just a plain and simple weapon in the first Kingdom Hearts game, but then in KH: Birth by Sleep, it began to become much more as it took the shape of a vehicle. In the most recent trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, it was shown that the Keyblade can transform into even more extraordinary objects, one of these being a gun. Nomura has teased about maybe having more transformations in the future. What would you like to see as a transformation for the Keyblade?

Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Dalton McClain
A gamer at heart, and a creator by trade. As a shy kid who grew up in a small town, my only solace was with the games that I enjoyed playing. That being said I enjoy just about every type of game, but more than anything I love playing horror/unique games. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the strange and unusual with the world.