Fans of Dragon Quest outside Japan are pretty desperate for news. While we’ve been hearing quite a bit of news from that camp overseas, we’ve not heard a peep about games like Dragon Quest VII or Dragon Quest X in the United States or Europe. Sure, Reggie tweeted about it once, and if I recall, there was some sort of listing on Amazon France. But two trademarks that have appeared might offer something a little more concrete.

Possible Dragon Quest | Luminaries of Line

Possible Dragon Quest | Seeds of Salvation

Here, we have listings for Luminaries of the Legendary Line and The Seeds of Salvation. Enchantingly poetic, wouldn’t you say? A lot like…Dragon Quest titles. I imagine you don’t need me to list off examples, but for the sake of argument, the last two localized Dragon Quest games were Sentinels of the Starry Skies and Realms of Revelation. Back when I first reported on Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS, I offered up my usual “hope springs eternal” and had a good discussion going with you guys about our chances of playing the game in English.

Nintendo has said 2014 will focus more on “advanced” gamers like us. At this point, I think my prediction of a Dragon Quest-focused Nintendo Direct (or perhaps one or several E3 announcements) next year is looking somewhat more realistic. What do you all think? Are we being too hopeful, or are these trademarks worth contemplating? Are they for Dragon Quest VII, X…both? Neither? Be sure to let me know what you think!


Jonathan Higgins
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