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Welcome to another Monday and another episode of The Downpour Podcast!

You’ve not heard an episode of The Downpour Podcast quite like this one before. You asked, and we delivered: Episode 37 of The Downpour Podcast is dedicated to all things Final Fantasy. Join Randy, Jonathan and Jared as they sit down to discuss every main entry in the series. Things like the characteristics of what make a Final Fantasy game are discussed during the opening of the show, but after that—things get kind of heavy. There is a ton of passion to be had between these three; be sure to let us know what you think!

Jonathan has compiled show-notes for those who wish to hear their thoughts on individual games within the franchise, and for the most part spoilers are very light, but be advised going in that they can and will happen.

Do you have any requests you’d like to make of us, or any feedback to offer? As always, you can email [email protected] or contact us via Twitter to sound off! Like what you hear? Stay tuned for Episode 38 of The Downpour Podcast coming your way November 18th, 2013.


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Show Notes

0:00:00 – 0:37:18 Introductions, General Questions (No spoilers regarding any specific game.)
0:37:19 – 0:41:33 Final Fantasy I, II, and III (not VI)
0:41:34 – 0:46:49 Final Fantasy IV, V
0:46:50 – 0:52:54 Final Fantasy VI
0:52:55 – 1:05:43 Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus)
1:05:44 – 1:17:55 Final Fantasy VIII
1:17:56 – 1:24:36 Final Fantasy IX
1:21:00 – 1:22:17 FFIX Spoilers (End of Disc 3-4)
1:24:37 – 1:31:46 Final Fantasy X & X-2
1:31:47 – 1:38:20 Final Fantasy XI & XII
1:38:21 – 1:47:15 Final Fantasy XIII (and its sequels)
1:47:16 – 1:51:04 Final Fantasy XIV
1:51:05 – 2:10:21 Final Fantasy XV, Fan Questions, and the future of Final Fantasy

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