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While Fairy Fencer F on the PlayStation 3 has been available in Japan since October 10, Compile Heart announced on their webpage that a trial version of the game will be released at October 31. In the demo, you will play as the protagonist, Fang, and experience various cutscenes for the main story, and battle against foes with Harler and Pipin in your party.

You can view the thumbnails below to get a look at Fang, Harler, and Pipin respectively:

Fairy Fencer F | Fang Fairy Fencer F | Harler Fairy Fencer F | Pipin

The demo will also emphasize the game’s weapon upgrading system, which sounds like the “Fairize” feature, in which you merge your weapon, or Fury, with the Fairies that are lying dormant inside them to awaken their full potential.

Since there hasn’t been any word from Western publishers expressing interest to localize Fairy Fencer F or bring the game overseas, having access to the Japanese demo on PS3 without any region-locking difficulty is a start for anybody who wants to give the game a try. Knowing that this game was developed by the Hyperdimension Neptunia team, and scored by Nobuo Uematsu’s band, The Earthbound Papas, the star power in the game makes playing it sound very exciting.

Hopefully, by having access to the demo, we can see a chance for this game to see a Western localization.


Andy Na
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