PlayStation Vita TV

 PlayStation Vita TV

After multiple shocking announcements at this year’s SCEJA Press Conference, Sony dropped a bombshell that has rocked the video game industry. This bombshell is the PlayStation Vita TV, a new Sony lightweight game console that will allow users to play PS Vita and PSP games on their television.

This small console contains the same CPU and GPU as the handheld PlayStation Vita and connects to your television over HDMI.

The Vita TV is also a remote access device for the PlayStation 4, allowing users to play PS4 games in another room without a second console. Sony’s new system will also allow its users to access video and network services, like Tsutaya TV, Hulu, and Nico Nico Douga.

Combining the PS Vita and PSP games already available, plus those which are still to come, the Vita TV will have 1,300 titles available.

For those interested, here are the PlayStation Vita TV’s specs and its reveal trailer.

Vita TV Specs

This new console will be available in Japan on November 14th for ¥9,945. There will be a bundle available, as well, which will include a controller and an 8GB memory card. The bundle will go for ¥14,994 with tax.

For now, only Japan has gotten a release date, so we in the West will have to wait and see if Sony has any plans to bring the PlayStation Vita TV over to our shores.


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