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Monster Hunter 4 Direct

Nintendo will be airing a Monster Hunter 4 themed Nintendo Direct, or Monster Hunter 4 Direct if you will, this coming Sunday. This being a Japan-centric Nintendo Direct, it will be aired at the ungodly hour of 4 AM PDT, or the more reasonable hour of 8 PM Japan time.

Monster Hunter 4 marks the fourth generation of the Monster Hunter series. Like before, the focus of the game lies in taking down monsters ranging from the size of a minivan all the way to the size of a 4-story building. You and, preferably, a group of your friends have to work together to take down these monsters all in the name of epic loot.

Monster Hunter 4 gets released for the 3DS in Japan on September 14. Plans for an international release have not been announced yet. You can watch the Monster Hunter 4 Direct here when it airs.

Karli Winata
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